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Concrete products for farmers and contractors

Our specialist field
Cobefa is the authority on prefab concrete for the agricultural sector. In the past few years, we have also invested heavily in supplying retaining walls and storage panels. Products that are increasingly provided for industry (loading bays, recycling halls), horticulture (embankments, green waste) and the private sector (swimming pools). To gear our production capacity to the needs of our customers, in 2021 we installed a brand-new, state-of-the-art concrete mixer. We increased our storage space by over 7,000 m². We also modernised various moulds and expanded our range still further. Cobefa does not stand still. That much is certain.

Years of experience
Cobefa has been offering its products and services to the agricultural sector since 1969.
What began about 50 years ago as a small family business quickly grew into a large, successful company with a reputation far beyond its national borders. Our company was initially established in Egem, but due to our growing success, in 1997 we moved to Komen to develop a larger site with more possibilities. At first, we specialised in concrete slats. Over the years, our expertise expanded and we also offer retaining walls and storage panels.
The third generation has now joined the company and we continue to grow.

More about our company

Wide range of retaining walls

We have also substantially expanded our range of retaining walls in the past few years. Retaining walls are the ideal solution to erect large structures such as storage spaces and sheds quickly, efficiently and economically. Retaining walls often serve as sound barriers as well, or they are used when landscaping gardens, to deal with large or small differences in level. We work with heights of 60 cm to 6 m that can be combined perfectly with groove-and-groove joints in tiers.

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